About Doctor’s Chamber of Republic of North Macedonia

The Doctor’s Chamber Republic of North Macedonia has been founded on the 5th of June 1992. The initiative for the founding of such institution has been introduced by several doctors based on their acknowledgements on the developed countries.

The assembly has been held in the premises of the Hospital of the Army of Republic of North Macedonia. The first President of Republic of North Macedonia, Kiro Gligorov, was present on the first constitutional assembly. After the introduction speech of Prof. Dr. Jovan Tofovski and the saluting speech of Kiro Gligorov, the delegates have adopted the Statute and the Medical Code of Ethics. Also members of the bodies of the chamber have been elected. Prof. Dr. Aleksej Duma has been elected President.

Both documents are partially modified and amended on the second assembly held on 27th of May 1993 in Skopje.
The Statute is further modified and amended in February 2000.

At the beginning, the doctors of medicine and dentists have both been members of the Doctor’s Chamber Republic of North Macedonia. Later, in the year 1995, the dentists, form a separate, their own Dental Chamber.

This Doctor’s Chamber Republic of North Macedonia is a “successor” of the former doctor’s chamber that existed on these territories in the third decade of the previous century in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The head office of the chamber that covered the area of the Vardar Banovina (as the name was at that period) has been in Skopje. The doctor’s and the dentists have both been members of the chamber as a condition to their professional practice. The membership fee was paid at the local offices or at the police stations.

Doctor’s Chamber of Macedonia
Address: „Partizanski Odredi“ no. 3, 1000 Skopje, Makedonija
Working hours:
Monday - Friday (08 - 16)
phone 02/3239060
phone 02/3225592
Bank Account: 200000011464034
fax 02/3124066
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